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Add New Employee Using the Web Application
Add New Employee Using the Web Application

How to add a new employee using our Desktop application.

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Adding an employee to the CheckWorkRights platform using the email workflow is a simple process.

Create Employee Record

From the Dashboard, Select 'Add Employee'. On the screen below, enter their information to establish their employee record.

  1. Fill out the required fields

    • First Name

    • Last Name

  2. Populate any additional fields

    • Change the default Verifier - the person who will review any supplied documents

    • Email Address - used to send the MyCheck Email

    • Business Unit - the location your employee works in

    • Payroll or Recruitment IDs - used for data matching external applications like HRIS, ATS or Rostering

Once you have created your new employee, you will be taken to their Employee Profile. From here you will be able to configure the checks you need your employee to complete.

Collect Employee Documents Using MyCheck

To collect documents using our MyCheck employee onboarding workflow you first need to enable the checks you want the employee to complete by selecting Enable Check on each check tile. You can issue a document request email to the employee by selecting Send MyCheck Email button on the top right of the employee profile, or use the Copy MyCheck Link button to send the document upload link to the employee yourself.

We recommend discussing internally with your team before using the MyCheck email workflow for the first time to ensure a smooth process across the business.

Before getting started with the email workflow, please contact our team to ensure this functionality is enabled for your account.

Complete Checks Manually on the Employee's Behalf

Once you've created your employee's record, you can complete a check submission on their behalf if you already have the necessary documents. Simply select the Complete Check Manually button on the relevant check tile and follow the process flow to complete the upload.

Add Multiple Employees

If you need to add multiple employees in bulk, you can do so using our 'Bulk Upload' feature in the 'Admin' settings. Click here to learn more.

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