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Data Download & Bulk Operations
Data Download & Bulk Operations

When using CheckWorkRights you'll have access to different types of reports, downloads and ways to manipulate your employee data in bulk.

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Only available to users with Administrator access.

Data Download

The Data Download tab allows you to download a spreadsheet containing information on all employees within your organisation, their corresponding status and the details from their most recent VEVO checks.

This download will give you a full breakdown of your entire organisations history on VEVO checks, and will allow you to export the data where needed.

You will also be able to track which employees have requested a Data Download in this section, and when they were requested.

Bulk Operations

Have a large list of employees requiring changes? Need to create a bulk list of new employees into CheckWorkRights? In Bulk Operations you'll have the ability to do just that.

Here you'll find three sections:

  • Make bulk changes on records

  • Align Payroll file with CheckWorkRights

  • Bulk Upload New Employees

All have an existing spreadsheet sample that you can download and follow, then re-upload for a seamless connection.

Make Bulk Changes on Records

From here, you'll be given the option to make bulk changes on existing employee records within CheckWorkRights. Here you can use the 'manually find employees' feature to search and filter for the relevant group of employees.

Bulk changes can also be made to specific employees by uploading a spreadsheet to find employees with a payroll ID or CWR ID match.

After you've narrowed down the employees you wish to make bulk changes on, you can use any of the following functions:

  • Making Employees Historical

  • Assign a New Verifier

  • Change the Business Unit

  • Request Document Submission / Send MyCheck Email

Make Historical Using Active List

If you wish to make multiple employees Historical for any reason, you can download a spreadsheet to make bulk changes on those employees. Otherwise, you can make individual employees Historical in the Employee Profile.

To assist users with large employee populations we’ve recently introduced two new key features, the dashboard data exceptions area and the payroll alignment bulk operation.

The new Dashboard Area for Data Exceptions gives users visibility over any anomalies in the employee dataset that may need to be resolved. This could include recent webhook failures, duplicate Payroll ID's and email addresses, or documents with no assigned verifier, etc. These employee records can now be identified and managed individually, or exported via Excel spreadsheet to resolve in bulk.

The new bulk function for Payroll Alignment allows teams with a unique payroll ID per employee to upload an ‘Active List’ of all employees in their payroll system.

CheckWorkRights then uses this list to do the following:

  1. Mark Historical employees who aren’t on the list.

  2. Reinstate employees who are on the list but are marked as Historical in CheckWorkRights.

  3. Add and request checks from employees who are on the list, but missing from CheckWorkRights.

  4. Identify data issues like duplicate Payroll ID's that prevent the above actions from running correctly.

Click here to learn more about our Data Exceptions Dashboard.

Bulk Upload New Employees

It is also possible to add employees in bulk to the CheckWorkRights platform using the email workflow.

First, Select 'Admin' from the tab list, and then 'Bulk Upload New Employees'. Then simply populate the spreadsheet template provided for download on the screen below, and once complete upload the spreadsheet on the same screen. You will be asked to confirm the data matching of your columns with the fields required by the bulk upload process.

Finally, any data errors in your upload will be flagged at this point for you to rectify. Please ensure you check the box of the employees you wish to add. When you're happy with how your data has been imported into CheckWorkRights, select the checkboxes next to the checks you'd like to request the employees complete and click 'Confirm'.

At this point, all the employee records will be created and CheckWorkRights will send a request to each employee with a one-time link to complete their required checks. Any issues will appear on your dashboard.

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