Unable To Check?

Everything you need to know about the failed check result "Unable to Check".

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What is "Unable to Check"?

Sometimes when completing a VEVO Work Entitlement Check through CheckWorkRights, the check result will be returned as Unable to Check.

This is a relatively common situation, with several possible causes.

Below we outline three main issues that cause this response, and how to rectify them to get a valid result:

Visa Holder Has Obtained a New Passport

This is the most common scenario and occurs often if the passport is less than 2 years old.

If a visa holder has recently renewed their passport, but has not advised the Department of Home Affairs, the Visa that is in effect will remain linked to the old expired passport. The Department of Home Affairs will need to be advised of the new passport.

Using their immi account, a Visa Holder can make this change by logging on and updating their passport details. That page is accessible here: https://online.immi.gov.au/lusc/login

Once the new passport has been updated with the Department of Home Affairs, a successful VEVO check can be obtained through CheckWorkRights using the details of the new passport.

In this situation, the previous (expired) passport will return a VEVO result if the visa holder used it to travel into Australia.

Incorrectly Entered Details

The most common reason for this response is that the passport details were entered incorrectly. An error in the passport number, or date of birth entered will mean that we cannot successfully match records held by the Department of Home Affairs.

CheckWorkRights notifications will include a link to update passport details to rectify this issue.

This option is also common when the details entered into the database at Home Affairs were incorrect, so our request against the passport doesn't match.

For example, we occasionally see Home Affairs has a passport number recorded as containing a 0 (the number zero) when the passport number contains an O (the letter 'O').

This error will need to be rectified first with the Department of Home Affairs, before re-entering the passport details into CheckWorkRights.

Electronic Visa Not Linked to Your Passport

If a Visa Holder entered Australia prior to 1990 and has not left since it is likely that they do not have an electronic visa record linked to their passport. This is necessary for the purpose of checks like this.

They will need to complete this process with the Department of Home Affairs.

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