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Collecting Dates and Evidence of Student Visa Holiday Exceptions
Collecting Dates and Evidence of Student Visa Holiday Exceptions

Student Visa Holders can submit a document to request additional work hours when on holdiays from their course of study.

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This process applies only to Primary Student visa holding employees with the 8105 condition on their visa.

From 1 July 2023, and after commencing their course of study, primary student visa holders are limited to 48 hours a fortnight whilst studying (course in session).

Primary Student visa holders have no work restrictions when their course of study or training is not in session.

Secondary student visa holders (dependent family members) are limited to 48 hours per fortnight after their partner has commenced their course of study.

Using this process in CheckWorkRights (CWR), employees submit a document to provide evidence of their course holiday period. This is completed in the CWR application on their MyCheck Dashboard. The student provides a date range for their holiday and evidence to support the request for their work conditions be lifted. This allows them to temporarily waive their visa condition for the holiday period.

A CWR Account User can filter by visa condition within CWR to obtain a list of the employees that have this condition attached to their visa.

Please advise CWR if you would like to enable this functionality on your account. Using this functionality does not incur any additional account charges.

Workflow for Collecting Holiday Evidence

A company account user can request the filtered group of employees to submit their documents at any time using the 'MyCheck Dashboard' function. The application will either email the employee directly from the application (employee email address required), or you can copy a URL link and provide it to them separately.

You can view a list of your 8105 condition employees in the employee list using Filtering > Work Entitlement > Work Condition > 8105.

Once you've identified your 8105 employees, the email request can be initiated individually on their employee profile page using the Send MyCheck Email button, or in bulk from the Employee list view using the Make Bulk Changes > Request Document Submission action.

Employees complete this process once, or many times if they have evidence of multiple upcoming holiday periods. The employee will have access to their MyCheck Dashboard via the email sent or the URL link.

By default, employees with the 8105 condition will be sent a MyCheck email every 90 days with the option to upload new holiday information. To disable this feature please contact the CWR team.


A line manager or central HR (designated verifier) is notified by email following a student visa holders request, and asked to approve the document that has been provided.

Once the document has been verified CWR displays the holiday period against the employee's work entitlement record, and on the regular automated organisational summary email report.

Workflow Summary Video

Learn more about this feature, including how to make MyCheck requests in bulk, and the process employees go through to submit evidence.

Step One: Employee Submission Process

An employee with a student visa (primary with 8105) accesses their MyCheck Dashboard via the email / URL link.

Student Visa: Request Additional Work Hours (Holidays), the employee will select Provide Details.

The employee uploads their document and enters the dates of the holiday period outlined in the document.

The employee submission is Complete. The submitted request for a Holiday Work Exemption appears in yellow and is ready to be reviewed by a manager.

Employees can further requests anytime using the email or direct link by selecting Provide Details in the MyCheck Dashboard.

Step Two: Verification

The designated verifier (employer representative - line manager or HR) will receive an email from CWR to complete the verification process. Note this verification email is combined with the right to work verifications as required. Users of the CWR application can also visit the Document Verification area on the CheckWorkRights Dashboard to locate the employee's evidence.

  • Verification can be completed from email only for managers who receive only verification and reporting.

  • Verification can be completed via the mobile app.

  • Verification can also be completed on the dashboard the CWR Web App.

The verifier views the document, checks the dates and can Approve or Reject the submission.

Following approval the holiday period/s will show on reports for this employee, both by email and in the application, enabling efficient changes to rostering as required.

Bulk Request for Student Visa Exemption Documents

This functionality requires you to be an account administrator.

You can request all employees or groups of employees (by business unit) with visa condition 8105.

Step One

CWR application sidebar item - Employees

Apply a filter in advanced filtering to isolate employees that have the 8105 visa condition. You can also stack filters to include business units or other filters.

Next, toggle Make bulk changes and select all the employees you want to notify. Then from the Actions dropdown menu, select Request Doc. Submission.

Click Confirm to issue the check request email to the selected employees.

Your bulk request is now complete. All selected employees will receive an email with a link enabling them to provide details of holiday periods and evidence to support their request.

Emails have your company logo, and the copy above the list of checks can be customised in Admin > Email templates.

Employees can complete this process once, or in the future if they have evidence of upcoming holiday periods. The employee will have access to their MyCheck Dashboard via the original email or direct link.

You can elect to distribute this request at any time throughout the year.

Reporting on Student Visa exceptions

As a user of CheckWorkRights, you will need to view a list of student visas who have requested an exemption of work conditions.

Within the Web Application:

Filtering > Work Entitlement > Work Limitation Conditions > Student Visa Holder Holiday Periods >Apply Filter

This displays a list of the student visa holders that have requested an exemption to work limitation, and had this request and evidence verified by a verifier. The business unit, employee ID, and upcoming holiday dates are displayed.

From this list, you can see the dates are now colour-coded. These represent;

  • Green: Current Date Window.

  • Red: Submission has been Rejected.

  • Yellow: Submission is Ready for Review.

  • Grey: Dates in the Future.

You can export this list to Excel at any time.

Note: you can also stack other filters within the filter menu. This will enable you to segment by state / region / business unit, etc. before viewing the list and exporting to excel.

If you run the same set of filters often, you can save the URL link from your webpage to return to the same page (with filters applied) in the future.

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