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Add New Employees Using Passport Scanning
Add New Employees Using Passport Scanning

How to add a new employee using our Passport Scanning feature.

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When your employee has provided a Passport, you can conduct a scan of the document to get an immediate result which will create a new employee automatically.

Step One

Click Scan Passport to scan the biodata page on the employee’s passport. Make sure that you have received permission from the employee to perform this check and then accept the Terms & Conditions by selecting OK. This can also be started by selecting Add Employee, and Scan Passport.

You can use either a colour or black and white photocopy of the page.

Step Two

Scan the passport by positioning the passport photos page within the bounds of the white box on the screen. Make sure you capture the entire passport page including the machine readable zone (MRZ) at the bottom.


The individual will automatically be added to the organisations employee list, and their result should be shown like the image below.

Understanding the Results:

Green - The person has unlimited work rights
Yellow - The person has limited work rights. Please check the conditions and limitations for further information.
Red - The person has no work rights. Please check the messages to understand whether the person’s visa has been cancelled or has expired.

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