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Creating a Business Unit
Creating a Business Unit

How to create and configure a Business Unit in the CheckWorkRights application.

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This feature is only available on the web application.

What is a Business Unit?

In CheckWorkRights, you can group users together to create what's called a Business Unit. This allows you to group multiple users under one name, which can be used for help isolate team members for document verification, seperate franchises or geographical locations.

Only available to users with Administrator access.

Step One

Select the Admin tab, and select Business Units in the tab section. Select Add Business Unit.

Step Two

Enter the details below: Business Unit Name, Business Unit Internal Ref, and set your Default Verifier. Select Submit.


Now you have successfully created a new Business Unit.

Set a Default Verifier for your Business Unit

A key feature in your business units it allocating a Default Verifier. When creating or editing a Business Unit, you'll be able to select a user as the Default Verifier which will make that user the default selection when the business unit is required to verify document evidence for an employee or candidate.

From here, you may get an alert asking if you wish to assign any outstanding documents to be verified to the new Default Verifier. Any of this can be changed at any time.

Individual employees can then be allocated to these business units, and users within your organisation can be given segmented access to view only specific business units in their email reports or when logging in.

Business Units allows you to be fluid in how you approach grouping CheckWorkRights users together. If you have any further questions, please reach out to the CheckWorkRights team.

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