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Interpreting the CheckWorkRights Dashboard
Interpreting the CheckWorkRights Dashboard

A quick rundown of everything you need to know about the CheckWorkRights Dashboard.

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When you log into CheckWorkRights, you'll be immediately taken to the Dashboard. From here, you'll see a number of things:

  • A breakdown of each check and their results (e.g. Work Entitlement, COVID-19 Vaccination, etc).

  • The number of employees that are associated with each tile. e.g. 5320 employees in your organisation with no work restriction.

  • Document Verification: How many employees require document verification completed by yourself, or the entire company.

  • Add Employee: Allows you to quickly add a new employee into CheckWorkRights and request a check.

  • Four tabs on the left: Dashboard, Employees, Filtering, and Reports. (If you have Administrator access, you'll also have Admin as a tab option.

  • Search for any employees in the organisation using our search bar.

Colours on the CheckWorkRights Dashboard

CheckWorkRights operates a traffic light system across our dashboard for clarity when dealing with large groups of employees. Employees in green present little to no risk from a compliance perspective, yellow employees have something to be aware of when rostering or onboarding them, and red employees are in a non-compliant status that requires immediate attention.

You'll also see a Show Details button on the top right of every section. This will allow you to see a smaller breakdown of what requires attention within a timeframe.

For example, Awaiting Verification tells you how many employees' evidence is awaiting verification by you. You can click on a timeframe to tell you where these results are coming from.

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